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First Incursion part 1 Empty First Incursion part 1

Post  fairy.tales on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:21 pm

Eileen Hutton sat at the single dinner table alone. The lights had been dimmed and there was soft chatter around her. Judging by the way she dressed, civilians might think her a wealthy young woman with too much money and time to spare, and that she was out tonight looking for the prospects of handsome men to satisfy her needs. However, to the trained eye, a person might’ve noticed the small ear piece lodged in her ear, or the unwavering alertness in her eyes.

She turned her attention to the centre stage where the lead violinist stood, smiling as he channelled passion into the enchanted tune that he was playing. Alexander Rybak. Only months ago, was he announced the ultimate winner of Eurovision 2009. He was good looking, smart and talented. Huge crowds of overexcited fans swarmed over him everywhere he went, causing risk of serious bodily injuries. But that didn’t worry Eileen, she was thinking of something entirely different.

The waiter’s short cough caught her off guard and she flicked her attention to him. Eileen noticed his eyes steal a quick glance at her legs, at where the cut (rather high on her thigh) made the scarlet red dress attractively revealing. She saw the waiter’s eyes move up her figure to where a lock of wavy black hair (that had escaped from her updo styled bun) had rested enticingly between the crook of her neck and shoulder.

“Wine?” He asked and was disappointed when she shook her head. Eileen expected him to leave; but instead, she stood there grinning goofily at her. Suddenly, he reached out and smoothed the lock of hair away, his hand brushing her skin.

It had happened so quickly that there was no cry of pain, no alarmed attention from the diners around them and the waiter was left cradling his broken fingers, staring at Eileen in disbelief, anger and startled resentment.

“That sir was sexual harassment. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson.” Eileen said for the first time that night, her breathing was calm and she had not even broken into a sweat.

The waiter retreated to tend to his injured hand and Alex Rybak caught her eyes. He grinned at her and she smiled back, like she was supposed to. He turned back to his violin and Eileen turned back to her possessions.

The little black beaded purse contained a hand gun and two extra magazines. Amidst those weapons was a rather interesting black fountain pen. The credit card she had in possession, currently held $25,000. The red dress she attired was ridiculously expensive and thin, the matching red heels were at least three inches in height. Eileen detested her costume for the night, but the style confirmed her disguise.

The entrance door swung open and the four men in couture labelled business suits was led to their tables right in front of the centre stage. During the time, the violinist had not stopped playing, making a smooth transition into another lively tune. However, Eileen’s heart had stopped when she had caught sight of the four men. She recognized the man in front to be Dmitri Petrov, the man who was here to terminate Alexander Rybak’s life.

Eileen’s mind froze. Although she had been briefed on the mission at hand, Eileen still felt that overpowering shiver of fear as she looked at Dmitri Petrov and his team of trained assassins. She felt dizzy and realised that she had been holding her breath. Eileen’s eyes widened as she saw weapons being slid into their laps. One of them caught her eyes and Eileen tried to appear calm, raising her eyebrow at him, crossing her legs over the other so that the dress revealed her thigh. Eileen saw the guy grin at her and she sighed in relief.

Without hesitation, without warning, one of Dmitri’s hired assassins stood up, gun in hand and fired. Alex had moved half a second before the shot and the bullet zipped past him and lodged itself into the bridge of the cellist’s nose, the sheer force pushed his nose bone back into his brain, creating an explosion that ended in a mass of blood and bits of gooey grey brains being splattered all over the floor.

At sudden realization, screams echoed loudly in the expensive dining restaurant and everyone panicked. Eileen however, had used the split second of silence to grab her purse and she ran like hell! At the same time, she had reached inside the beaded bag and retrieved her gun, diving on top of the stunned musician, tackling him to the ground.

Four guns could be heard sounding off at once and Eileen, acting on pure instinct and adrenaline, raised her gun and shot out the chandelier that had been keeping the place alight. The expensive ornament fell to the ground; the shattered fragments of crystal and glass sliced her ankles. The restaurant was plunged into complete darkness. She could hear cries of confusion and disgust, footsteps making their way towards them.

Alex was trying to free himself from her hold. Eileen leant down and hissed something in his ear and he was quiet. Slowly, carefully, so as not to make a noise, they stood up and ran. Shots rang out loudly behind them and Eileen and Alex dived through the kitchen doors. She dragged him onto his feet again and wished that he’d left that damn violin behind. Eileen ran with Alex towed behind her, desperately looking for an escape route. The kitchen, as always, was neat and tidy. Large thick steeled saucepans and pots were hung in sequential order. China plates were stacked in neat piles, gleaming white, wine glasses hung upside down on its racks. The floor was so clean that one could eat off it. There were five kitchen benches in a row, each, obviously, took up most of the space in the room. The cooks had left long ago at the sound of gunfire that threatened their lives, no stoves or ovens were left on.

The restaurant belonged to a hotel above it and a plan formed in Eileen’s mind. She turned to Alex.

“Listen to me. Don’t ask any questions. All you need to know is that if we don’t both make it out of here alive, you need to run, hide and get away from here as fast as you can!” She hissed.

“Who are you? Why, why should I believe you? For all I know…you could be another of them.” Alex replied, moving away from her.

“If I was one of them, I wouldn’t be here putting my butt on the line to save yours.” Eileen growled back.

Before Alex could answer, a hail of bullets rained down on them and Eileen and Alex ducked behind the bench they were standing at, the bullets shattering china plates in front of them and bouncing off steel woks.

Eileen looked around desperately and her eyes caught sight of the dumb waiter. She met Alex’s eyes and they both understood what they had to do. Eileen went up and fired defensive cover shots, giving Alex just enough time to cram himself into the dumb waiter. Eileen crouched down low to reload. Alex was trying to take the damn violin with him but it didn’t fit.

“Leave it!” She hissed angrily, but he ignored her. Eileen grabbed the instrument out of his grasp.

“No!” He cried reaching for it.

“I’ll keep it safe! I promise!” She whispered back hastily, bending down low as a bullet whipped past her ear. “Room 519, level 25, be there, keep the door locked and for gods sakes, don’t get killed!” Eileen pressed a key card into his hand.

Another force of bullets shot past them and Eileen sent the dumb waiter up, hoping that Dmitri’s men hadn’t seen it. Eileen heard footsteps pace gently on the tiled floor and she sneaked a peek from around the kitchen bench, but ducked back as she was shot at.

There was a soft chuckle behind her and Eileen turned around to come face to face with the barrel of a gun, the man it belonged to was eying her and grinning.

“Pervert.” She muttered before quickly rolling over and out of the man’s gun range, shooting the light bulbs out once again. Cries of confusion and random ringing of bullets sounded as the four assassins tried to make of their surroundings. A bullet shattered her left red heels and she swore.

Eileen had been planning on keep those pair. All four of Dmitri’s men had positioned themselves in four directions encircling her. It was a text book move, a good tactic, but Eileen knew better. Grabbing the violin and its bow, she crawled across the floor, all the while applying a silencer to the barrel of her own M9 gun.

“We know you’re in here girly.” Someone said, their voice was heavily accented. “Come out now and tell us where he is! We won’t hurt you. Make my night and I might even let you go.”

Eileen rolled her eyes and continued forwards, moving closer and closer to the exit located on the opposite side of where they had entered from. She laughed softly to herself, thinking how stupid they were. She was so close now! All five in the kitchen stopped at the sound of a single violin note. Eileen cursed aloud and the silence was one again shattered by the sound of continuous gun shots. They were rounding in on her and if Eileen didn’t get out soon, she knew she would be dog food.

The exit was only five metres away and she stood up and attempted to run for it, but the shattered heel slowed her down. She only turned back a fraction to shoot behind her. There was a satisfying ping against metal and an exhausted hiss as gas filled the room.

Eileen dived through the exit door, grabbing an ornament chair from the hotel entrance foyer and swung the chair leg through the kitchen door handles. She ran like hell. Eileen knew that it would only be a matter of second before they would escape, but a couple of seconds was all she needed as she raced for the elevator. A small rumble shook the ground as then men tried to shoot their way out of the kitchen that was rapidly filling up with gas. The sparks from their guns had caught the gas and ignited a small scaled explosion. However, Eileen knew that the force was only enough to temporary stun them.

Instead of pressing level twenty-five, Eileen slammed her finger on level eighteen. Without wasting time, she stuffed the bow into her mouth, her teeth holding onto the wooden part. She didn’t know what to do with the violin so she tore the hem of her dress off and used it as rope to secure it around her waist. Eileen looked to the elevator roof and spotted the corner of the elevator with the small opening that led to the shaft. She used the shiny painted rail to lever herself up, pushing hard at the opening. It slid to one side and Eileen hauled herself up into the elevator shaft.

Eileen still didn’t hesitate, despite the exhaustion she suddenly felt. From her purse, she took out the thin long black pen. With a flick of a button it opened out to be a grappling hook. Eileen loaded it into her gun, attaching the super strong thin nylon rope around the gun. Another click of a switch and the grappling hook hummed. Eileen felt the activated magnetic force field drag at her silver watch. She looked up, aimed and fired, watching the Maghook shoot skywards. Because it was literally weightless, the Maghook travelled at 100 kilometres per hour. She listened for a while until the satisfying sound of metal against metal clarified the safety of her descent.
Eileen had never used a device like this before, but she never doubted its ability. It was made by the one and only Professor Charles Weaver. No one really knew who he was, but none the less, they had relied on him anyway for his renowned skills.

Eileen steadied herself, bending her knees to prepare for the flight. She took a short breath and clicked a button in her M9 twice. The super nylon rope immediately rewound itself, jerking her upwards into the air. Eileen tightened her grip; her sweaty palms were no help, the violin banged against her hip. Another loud clang announced her arrival. Flight time: six seconds.

She looked around for the level vent. The hiss of air caught her attention and she swung herself. Eileen knew that if she could pull of this tricky manoeuvre, she wouldn’t need to waste time to stop and reel in the Maghook, instead, she could do it all in one smooth movement. If she could slide into the level rent, it would only take her ten seconds to get to her destination.

Something bumped her hip and Eileen realised that she still had the violin. She swore loudly; there was nothing more that she wanted to do now than drop the annoying thing. But something made her keep it. Eileen hung there, desperately seeking another plan; the elevator that had been several levels lower had started moving. Eileen swore again, rolled her eyes and released the Maghook so that she was dropped five levels down, crashing onto the elevator roof as it went up. Eileen felt her ankle seize up in pain as she landed. For the millionth time that night Eileen swore and bit her tongue in frustration. The roof top of the hotel was getting dangerously closer and she had no choice but to get back inside the elevator or risk being flattened into a bloody pulp.

Eileen dragged open the elevator latch and swung herself into the small descending room, hoping to God that not all four of Dmitri’s hired assassins were there. She silently thanked the lord when she stared down the barrel of one man. It was the same one that had looked at her in a hungry way, and offered her that deal.

“Well lookie what we have here.” He grinning moving closer to her so that she was wedged in the corner. “Come to make me happy, love?”

“In your dreams pal.” Eileen replied, kicking her foot up into his groin.

The man doubled over slightly in somewhat surprise more than pain, the gun went off and grazed her arm. Eileen was already moving, knocking the weapon out of his hands, thrusting him up against the wall while pressing the level twenty-five button on the elevator menu. She returned her attention to the man she had pinned down single handed.

“Name?” Eileen growled, pointing the gun to his head, and when he didn’t reply she clicked the gun off safety.

“Samuel Jackson.” He said. Samuel Jackson seemed more amused than afraid.

“American?” She asked and when he didn’t answer, she kneed him again.

“Yeah.” He grunted.

“Why are you trying to tell Alexander Rybak?” Eileen demanded.

Samuel Jackson threw back his head and laughed. “Please me and I’ll tell you.” He said, looking her up and down.

Eileen kneed him again. “Answer the damn question!” That was when she made her first mistake of the night.

Like all teenage girls, when someone lifts your skirt, you immediately try and pull it back down. As Eileen took one arm off his chest to yank her dress back down, Samuel Jackson took his opportunity and slammed her against the opposite wall, grabbing the gun off her. The violin bow rolled to one side and the violin pressed into her back. Eileen fell forward awkwardly, at the same time, whipping her weapon out and two shots sounded off in the small elevator.

Both Eileen Hutton and Samuel Jackson fell to the ground, both breathing hard. Samuel Jackson smiled at her, blood gushing from the fresh bullet wound in his check. Eileen was horrified. She sat there in stunned silence, feeling her blood run cold. She had killed a man! She, Eileen Hutton, barely an adult yet, had killed a man! The radio in Samuel Jackson’s belt went off and a series of demands were made in Russian. The voice made her feel nauseous.

The ding of a bell and the opening of the elevator door snapped her out of her trance. She looked up to see room 519, the door was ajar. Dread filled her conscience as she hurried into the room. Her possessions had been ransacked and thrown about. Her room looked as if a tornado had passed through. Moonlight shone through the window, the light falling across a chair. Alexander Rybak sat, his head between his knees, breathing in deep shaking breaths.
Love it!
Love it!

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First Incursion part 1 Empty Re: First Incursion part 1

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waaah, I love it!

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Thumbs up!! Now to read the second part... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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