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Second Incursion part 1 Empty Second Incursion part 1

Post  fairy.tales on Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:40 am

72 hours. They had been safe for 72 hours, locked inside the house, waiting for an attack, a threat even. But none had come.

Alexander Rybak made his way down the now familiar staircase to the kitchen where the three Hutton children were. He stood in the doorway silently, watching them.

Joe Hutton was experimenting with scrambled eggs, adding bits of bread and bacon to it. Peter Hutton, as usual, was staring intently at an object. Today it was his bowl of cereal. Eileen Hutton fed him a spoon full of the sugar coated flakes of corn and returned her attention to her laptop where she started yet another project. She had her hair pinned back today, but a lock of curly jet black hair flopped over her face. Alex smiled.

“God morgen.” Eileen said, turning to face him. She grinned and his stomach did a funny little jolt of comfort. Since that night, when he had heard her crying, Alex had mentally taken the blame, even though she did not blame him, or say a word about it at all.

Alex smiled, sat down beside her and the two were immediately conversed in Norwegian. He had taught her a little and was astonished when she picked up the language quickly.

Alex had used the previous two days to get use to the fact that for some unknown reason there were people out to get him. However, Eileen had reassured him every time the fear came back to haunt him, that she wouldn’t let anyone harm him. It sounded strange coming from a 16 year old, but she held onto her words.

Joe placed a plate each before the two. “Breakfast.” He announced. The dish consisted of what had been scrambled eggs, lumpy bread and bits of burnt meat.

“I’m on a diet.” Eileen said, pushing the plate away, grabbing an orange at the same time.

“I’ll pass.” Alex said, doing the same. He and Eileen exchanged amused expressions and looked away quickly, stifling their laughter.

Alex took out his violin and began strumming the new tune he had thought of to keep his mind occupied. He frowned, words racing through his mind, but he could never catch the right ones.

Eileen, looking over his shoulder and smiled. She hummed along with the tune before saying, “How about: ‘and I want you to know how I feel every time I think about you’...”

Alex sang the new words quietly to himself, mentally fitted them with the song already in his mind. He changed some words then nodded in approval. In the three days at the Hutton house hold, he had learnt many things about Eileen Hutton; like for instance, she was a whole new person at home than the person who had met when she had saved him; or the fact that she was good with words, and had she not joined AIA, she would’ve aspired as a writer instead.

“Any others?” He asked.

“Phone.” The room went silent and all eyes turned to Peter who sat smiling at his sister.

Eileen grinned back. “Phone?” She asked, waiting for another response, but Peter turned his attention back to the bowl of cereal and the two older Hutton children exchanged proud smiles.

A piercing sound of ringing shattered the silence and everyone but Peter jumped, startled. Eileen took her AIA mobile out, watching it vibrate against her hand. Reluctantly, she answered, fearing the caller, but instead, was greeted by an old friend.

“Hello, Agent Hutton speaking.” She answered.

“Ah, Eileen! Long time no talk!” The voice on the other end was old, yet familiar.

“Oh! Professor Weaver! Yes it had been a while!” She replied in relief.

“There is no time for idle chatter at the moment. Let’s get to business.” The old professor said seriously.

Eileen glanced at Alex and left for the living room. Alex’s heart was struck with sudden fear, but he tried not to show it.

“To business.” She agreed.

“I believe you are currently...housing a Mr Alexander Rybak.” Professor Weaver continued.

“Yes.” She confirmed. “I need to get him to a safer location.”

“And that would be the Norwegian Embassy.” Professor Weaver mused. There was a moment’s silence before he spoke again. “I believe you’ll be needing upgrades on all your gadgets and weapons.”

“Probably.” Eileen replied absently.

“I believe the Maghook has proved useful, so I’ll upgrade that so be attachable to your belt. The black fountain pen will be changed to a flash pen with a delay of five seconds. It works just the same as a flash grenade. I’ll give you an air soft pistol instead of the M9, with four extra magazines. Other than that, I don’t know what else to give you except for telecommunication devices.” He prescribed.

“I think that’ll be enough, but we’ll need identification papers.” Eileen reminded him.

“Yes and that too. Now be sure to collect this package in your mail box at exactly 12 noon today.” Professor Weaver said and she agreed.

“Say...any word from headquarters?” Eileen asked hesitantly.

“Yes. 147 casualties, 57 killed, 90 injured and 3 missing. Danny is amongst the missing.” He reported.

Eileen sat in stunned silence, letting the news sink in. She could feel a lump rise in her throat, but she swallowed it down, biting back the tears. “Does anyone know what happened?”

“Unfortunately not.” He replied.

“Will...will he be okay?” She asked, feeling stupid.

“I don’t know.” Professor Weaver replied and the phone line went silent for several minutes.

“Well...bye.” Eileen said.

“One more thing Eileen. The lab guys, they won’t have enough time to make another face mask for you; all the equipment has been destroyed. I’ll understand if you don’t want to continue with this mission. Joseph could do it instead...”

“No.” She answered shortly.

“Be careful then.” Professor Weaver sighed.

“Right...well bye.” Eileen said finally and they both hung up.

“What’s up?” Joe asked as Eileen returned to the kitchen, a worried look painted on her face.

“We...I have to get Alex back to the Norwegian Embassy.” She said not looking at them.

There was silence as they two boys digested the information. “When do we leave?” Alex asked, trying to stamp down the sudden chill of fear, trying to ignore his unexplainable feeling of disappointment.

“This afternoon; at 1 o’clock.” She replied before leaving the table to plan the journey. They could all hear her light footsteps ascending the stairs.
Alex exchanged looked with Joe who seemed to be deep in thought. Alex sighed warily, stood up and left.

Eileen sat in the corner of her room, her head between her knees, her hands tangled in her hair, desperately racking her brain for a method of transportation that would get Alex from point A to point B without major threats. It was impossible and Eileen was irritated. However, that was not the only reason.

A hand rested on her shoulder and she reacted by instinct. Without hesitation, she grabbed the arm and in one smooth motion, had her attack on their back, her foot pressing down on their neck. When she finally realised who it was, she quickly moved away from the stunned musician.

“I’m sorry.” She said flattening herself against the opposite wall.

Alex sat up and shook the pain off. “Is that how you treat all your guests?” He asked.

“I’m sorry. No. I don’t, I just...I’m sorry.” She said, not looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, sitting himself on her bed.

“Nothing. Just getting ready for the trip.” Eileen replied. Wary, tired lines etched on the young girl’s face. She busied herself in checking maps and timetables.

Alex watched the 5ft agent with respect and gratitude. Her movements were different from the first time he had met her. Her once smooth, fluid transitions were now tight and clumsy. Alex knew that she had not slept in two days in order to keep her promise of keeping him safe.

“Get some sleep.” He suggested when she tried to stifle a yawn.

She turned to him and smiled. “I’m not tired.” She insisted.

Alex raised an eyebrow at her and she shrugged, saying, “I really shouldn’t.”

“Nothing’s going to happen. There’s still five hours before we leave.” Alex said, standing up and leaving for the doorway. “Sleep.” He commanded before leaving, closing the door behind him.

Eileen smiled before climbing into bed. She was asleep before her head hit the pillows.

“You must mean something pretty special to her.” Joe mused as he sat sprawled on the kitchen chair, his muscles bulging through his white T-shirt.

"What do you mean?” Alex asked, confused as he picked at the orange peels on the table.

She’s going without a face mask this time, without a disguise.” Joe said. “Eileen never goes on a mission without a disguise.”

Alex didn’t know what to say; the stone of guilt made his heart heavier than it had been before.

Joe spun around and grabbed Alex’s collar, bringing his face close to his own. “You better not stuff up. She’s the only sister that I have, and if anything happens to her, I’ll know who to go after.” The eldest Hutton warned.
“I-I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to her.” Alex vowed.
Eileen donned the black combat attire that she often wore when delivering important parcels or personnel. The black long sleeved shirt was warm and easy to move in; the black pants were the same.

Earlier, just a minute before 12 noon, Eileen has woken up, jumped out her window and landed perfectly on her front garden. She reached the mail box at exactly 12 noon and retrieved the package sent by Professor Weaver.
Eileen heard a low ‘pfffft, pfft’ sound and something whipped by her ear. The ground at her feet exploded upwards, impacted by a small fast force. Eileen was already running; grabbing the vines that grew around her window ledge, she climbed up and swung into her room, bullets slamming against the bricks where her feet had been two seconds ago. Eileen hauled the windows shut and pulled the curtains over, hearing the bullets slam against her bullet proof window. She was breathing hard, the adrenaline pumping in her blood. She took a deep breath and calmed herself before opening the package, spilling its contents onto her bed.
Clasping a belt around her waist, she grabbed a match box sized device and secured it into is holder. Her air soft pistol was slid into its holster; the magazines were slipped into its pouches on the side of her legs and arms. Her flash pen and the credit card were placed in her pocket.
There was a quiet knock on the door and Alex entered.
“Hi.” He said.
She smiled. “Looks like you were right, I did need that sleep.”
They laughed and stood there awkwardly, not wanted to meet each other’s eyes. Eileen didn’t tell him about the attack just then.
“Look, I’m sorry you’re involved in all this. I’m dangerous to have around, but if it wasn’t for you, I’d probably be dead somewhere. So thank you.” Alex said finally.
Eileen finally turned to look at him square in the eyes. There was so much more she wanted to say, so much she wanted to explain, but instead, she said, “Don’t mention it.” Lacing up her black converse chucks, she shrugged on a cream coloured trench coat.
“Ah, classic detective slash spy eh?” Alex commented, leaning against her study desk.
She laughed. “Well actually, this trench coat is especially tailored for me. It masks all weapons and gadgets from security scanners. And as for my converse shoes, all I need to do is click my heels and it can turn into roller blades.” Eileen explained.
Alex was unconvinced and so Eileen, a little hesitant, showed him, watching his face light up in delight at the strange gadget.
“We have to go now.” She said, not really wanting to leave the comfort of her sanctuary.
Alex also looked a little reluctant but nodded anyway. Eileen slid on a pair of glasses and handed him a bullet proof best.
“Just in case.” She smiled. Alex took it this time without question.
“Good luck.” Joe said as Eileen hugged Peter for what could be the last time. “And be careful.”
Eileen saluted her brother with a grin. “I’m always careful.” She said before grabbing a set of keys and leading Alex to the garage.
“We’re driving there?” Alex asked. “Do you have a license yet?”
“Yes, yes. I have a special AIA license.” Eileen climbed into the driver’s seat of her grey coloured Mini Cooper. Alex slid into the passenger seat and they both waved goodbye to Joe and Peter.
The garage door creaked as it slowly opened; Eileen grabbed the steering wheel hard and her knuckles turned white, her palms were sweaty.

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Love it!
Love it!

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Second Incursion part 1 Empty *sighs*

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here's the second incursion!!!!

i apologize for the massive chunks of writing i havne't been able to seperate them...because my browser is being STUPID! and its almost 12 midnight! i'm going to sleep now i'll post more up tomorrow when my browser has finished being stupid!

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Love it!
Love it!

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