Second Incursion part 2

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Second Incursion part 2 Empty Second Incursion part 2

Post  fairy.tales on Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:13 pm

Alex, unaware of her tension, began a conversation. “So, what would your friends think if they knew you were a spy?” He seemed amused by the idea.
The garage door was an inch in height above the Mini Cooper’s roof when Eileen hit the accelerator and the little car shot forward, jolting them both. Immediately, bullets slammed into the side of their car and Eileen veered left, her eyes scanning the street for their attackers. She caught Alex’s petrified expression and the glass window on his left hand side caught a bullet, the glass cracked but did not break. Eileen told him to buckle up and didn’t wait to see if he had done what she had asked.
The grey car raced down the street, drifting around the corner. Eileen searched desperately around for her attackers, trying to find a way of escape.
“I don’t have any friends,” She said to Alex, remembering his question from earlier. “It’s too dangerous for both them and me. I make a habit to make people hate me.”
Alex didn’t reply and the back windscreen exploded, showering glass all over them. Eileen turned sharply, at the same time, drawing her gun. It was impossible to out run them.
“Drive.” She turned to Alex, he shook his head. “Drive!” She ordered more forcefully, taking her foot off the accelerator. The car slowed down and she let go of the wheel. Eileen climbed into the backseat, loaded her weapon and wound down the window.
Alex grabbed the wheel and climbed into the driver’s seat. The car immediately resumed its previous speed. “Where am I going?” He half screamed.
“Just follow the navigator.” Eileen called as calmly as she could as she let out a burst of uncoordinated gunfire.
Eileen tore off her trench coat and she reached under the backseat to retrieve an MK2; a silenced rifle.
“Talk to me Alex.” She said, looking up to check on him.
“So, do you always drive like this?” His question was followed by a nervous laugh as he manoeuvred the car around another corner. The vehicle roared along at 100km an hour through the quiet suburban streets. It was a Sunday and Eileen found it odd that none of the residents had come out to inspect the commotion. It was not until a bullet slammed into her arm, and she was thrown backwards into the car seat, did she slowly realise why.
The pain was unbelievable, but Eileen gritted her teeth and sat up, peering out the window. It was then that she saw, on the front window of every single house, a small hole, just enough to fit a silencer to the barrel of a sniper. The residents couldn’t come out; they were held hostages in their own house.
Another shot whizzed past her cheek and without wasting another second, she climbed back to the driver’s seat where Alex had been quiet for a while now.
“Alex are you okay?” She asked as he climbed back into the passenger seat.
He didn’t reply, just looked stricken and pale. Eileen reached over and squeezed his hand as a way of offering comfort, something that Danny used to do.
“Your arm is bleeding.” He commented finally.
“Just a scratch.” She lied. “It doesn’t hurt.” But it did hurt, it was pulsing, it hurt so much and she felt like throwing up. Eileen accelerated to 210km an hour, seeing her break in the busy street ahead.
A bullet slammed into the back wheel of the Mini Cooper. The explosion was deafening and Eileen used both hands to gain control of her vehicle. The car veered a hard left and skidded across the foot path, the car tumbled over and Alex and Eileen were thrown out of their seats like ragged dolls. The car landed on its roof on someone’s perfectly grown lawn; bullet holes decorated the once smooth grey surface, the windows were shattered into a million pieces. For a second, the area was quiet; the only sound was of leaking oil.
Dmitri’s men advanced forward, concentrating their fire into the beat up car. They kept their distance for a reason. Exactly thirty-five seconds after the gunfire, the little Mini Cooper went up in flames and exploded. Dmitri’s men waited patiently for the flames to go out before examining the burnt bodies of Alexander Rybak and Eileen Hutton.
To their disappointment, the burnt shell of their car was empty. One of Dmitri’s men, the leader of the team, spoke into his wrist microphone and immediately, the rest of the men fanned out. The man hunt was on.
Eileen finally let out a sigh of relief as she watched Dmitri’s men leave. She and Alex, at the last moment, had jumped out of the car’s back windscreen and rolled into a nearby bush of red roses. Because the owner of the house had grown five bushes of flowers at the side of her house it had provided the perfect cover for them.
Eileen turned to her arm; blood was dripping off her arm and onto the grass. She peered into the wound, looking for the bullet, only to find that it had ripped right through the other side of her arm. She felt a bile rise in her throat, but swallowed it back down, fighting the urge to faint. Instead, she tore the hem of her shirt off and used it as a bandage, securing it tightly around the wound, hoping the pressure would stem the blood flow.
“Just a scratch eh?” Alex whispered. She looked up and their faces were inches apart. She felt her cheeks go red and busied herself with her hair, carefully sliding into her coat.
“You okay? Nothing broken?” She asked, eying him.
“I-well nothing broken, but that was seriously scary.” He said. “Those were real guns.”
“What did you expect?” Eileen tried to smile, checking his bullet proof vest. “It’s not a tea party Alex.”
“What do we do now?” Alex asked.
“I still need to get you to the embassy. It’s not safe here.” Eileen was thinking hard. “We’ll go to the nearest train station and train there.”
“Train?” He raised an eyebrow.
“The station here should arrive at the station near the embassy.” She replied.
“We’re going by train? Isn’t that dangerous?” Alex asked and Eileen nodded.
“But then there’s a higher percent chance that taking the train would be safer. It was easy enough for them to take over houses, taking over taxis would be a walk in the park. Taking over a whole train company would be harder.” She explained.
“What are you, a statistics computer or something?” Alex made an attempt at a joke as Eileen fixed his hair and patched up a bloody graze on his ankle.
“It’s my job to assess every single detail. It’s critical.” She replied.
“But won’t there be people, Dmitri’s men in particular, everywhere?” Alex asked.
“Yes, true; but it is a Sunday afternoon, school holidays. Kids, teenagers are swarming all over the place. You might meet some more fans. It’ll be impossible to keep their eyes on every part of the station.” Eileen shrugged.
“What do I do if we do meet fans? Who do I say you are?” Alex asked.
“Well, just act naturally, like nothing has happened. As for me, it’s your choice. I can be your friend, cousin, sister, girlfriend, stage manager, whichever.” She said, taking a quick peek outside the rose bush, before grabbing his hand. They ran like hell to the busy street they had seen earlier, blending in with the crowd, hoping to god that Dmitri’s men would not spot them.
Eileen purchased their tickets with her credit cards and they both waited anxiously at the platform. As predicted, Alex was immediately recognised and in less than five minutes, they were surrounded by a small crowd of teenage girls; paparazzi were already taking pictures.
“Where are you going Alexander?” A girl, no older than fourteen asked, grabbing his arm.
Alex stole a glance at Eileen who shrugged. “I’m going to the Norwegian Embassy.” He said.
A tall brunette girl with stunning blue eyes and a flawless beauty noticed their brief exchange of unspoken communications. Jealousy sparked and she pouted. “Alex who is this? Is she your girlfriend?” The excited screams paused and the maniacal teenage girls listened for the answer.
Alex was loss for words, but Eileen came to his aid. “I’m his agent.” She said.
“You’re awfully young.” She commented raising a perfect eyebrow, the finger on her lip showed perfectly manicured nails, reminding Eileen of her own chipped nails.
“Many people say that.” Eileen smiled and Alex chuckled knowingly.
A gust of wind announced the train’s arrival and with difficulty, Alex and Eileen and the swarm of fan girls boarded.
“Act natural. Play them something.” Eileen hissed in his ear and they found seats. Alex’s fans wrestled each other for the three seats opposite the young musician.
Alex brought out his violin and grinned as his audience. Eileen tired not to laugh as the squeals were suppressed. Alex’s fingers strummed on the violin strings, playing a melody familiar to all. Funny Little World.
Eileen sat and listened, although she was tensed and vigilant, the sound of the violin accompanying his voice sounded good, relieving the stress she had been feeling up until now. Eileen caught Alex’s eyes and he smiled at her.
Her stomach did a somersault and she quickly turned away. Alex seemed to be enjoying the attention, it took his mind off the danger that they were in.
Something caught Eileen’s eyes and she tore her attention of Alex’s voice. A young man with blonde hair and an attractive smile took up a seat three isles down from them. He grinned at her when their eyes met. Eileen however, did not return the gesture. There was something about him that made her sense suspicious. She scrutinized his appearance. Tall, strong, lean; simple tweed jacket, faded blue jeans, new sneakers. Not the stereotype of a bad guy. Eileen trained her eyes on more detailed descriptions. She didn’t like what she saw. She didn’t like the way he sat straight, tensed, his eyes acquired of those who had a purpose; she didn’t like the way his hand rested on his knee, the other hidden in the flap of his jacket at his waist. She didn’t like the position he sat at, didn’t like the advantageous range he was at to shoot someone’s head off.
Eileen pushed her glasses up her nose, at the same time, pressing a button that would magnify her line of sight. She raised her eyebrow, pretending that she was interested instead of suspicious. She caught sight of the almost invisible bulge at his waist where a weapon was concealed.
His hand began to move and in one lightening speed movement, he had whipped his gun out and fired. Eileen had been faster. She had followed her instinct the minute she saw the butt of the gun from behind the jacket. Eileen tackled Alex to the ground as bullets skimmed past their heads. Quickly, she stuffed the violin and bow into its case, taking out her flash pen.
“Close your eyes.” She ordered Alex as she activated the pen. Throwing it up into the air, she was already crawling blindly away from their attacker. Time was running in slow motion; the fan girls were trying to hide, already, one of them had been shot through the neck, blood was pooling on the ground. The black fountain pen was falling to the ground. Without warning, it emitted a blinding white light. Alex, his eyes still closed, saw the white light from behind his eyelids.

There was a moment’s silence as all the passengers on the train were blinded by the overwhelming light. Then, shrieks erupted through the carriage.

Eileen was dragging Alex along with her, making her way from the second carriage to the third. She saw the dead girl sprawled out in front of them and told Alex to keep his eyes shut. He obliged.
Eileen locked the carriage door behind her and swore when she turned to face the third train carriage. Alex opened his eyes.
Love it!
Love it!

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Second Incursion part 2 Empty naaaawwww

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naaawwww when everyone's asleep i'm eating breakie...and when everyone's eating breakie...i'm asleep!! LOL
Love it!
Love it!

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